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Humana Medicare Supplement Plan N

Medicare supplement Plan N is a standardized health insurance plan. Plan N is designed to give older citizens quality health coverage without breaking the bank. Humana’s Plan N is available country-wide.

Medicare Supplement Plan N

In Original Medicare coverage, some benefits are left uninsured. Private insurance providers offer Medicare Supplement plans to cover these costs.

12 Medicare Supplement plans offer various levels of coverage. Plans G and F offer the most range. They are also the most expensive. Plan N follows closely. It was created in 2010 to be an ‘alternative to plan G’.

Plan N offers significant coverage that is affordable and enough for most people. The plan’s low monthly premium is one of its most attractive forces.

Who is Humana?

Humana is as stable a company as you want. They have been offering insurance since the eighties. They started offering insurance in response to them losing the insurance in their hospitals. Since its inception, Humana has had a keen interest in the health sector.

With a history of being a chain of nursing homes and hospitals, they know what it takes to be in the health sector. Humana has a reputation that endears policyholders to them. Besides, they also have a strong financial base. They are a fortune 500 company. You can be sure that they won’t run into economic issues anytime soon.

Why Medicare Plan N?

This plan was created in 2010 to fill in for those who want a thorough plan without having to pay high costs. The plan offers good value for money. Medicare Supplement Plan N provides similar coverage to Medigap plans F and G, at a lower rate. The benefits include;

Humana Medicare Supplement Plan N
  • Medical coverage for foreign emergency trips
  • Part A deductible
  • Part A coinsurance and hospital costs
  • Part B coinsurance and co-payment. (you will be expected to pay up to $20 for some doctor visits and $50 for emergency room visits)
  • The first 3 pints of blood
  • Part A hospice care coinsurance or co-payment (+365 days)
  • Skilled nursing facility coinsurance (+100 days)
  • Preventive care

What Medicare Supplement Plan N Does Not Cover

Plan N is the third most popular Medigap plan. It follows Plan F and Plan G, respectively. Of the three, only Plan F covers Part B deductible. This makes it more comprehensive than Plan G.

Plan G however, covers Part B excess charges which Plan N does not. The Part B deductible and excess charges you have to pay is not a bad trade-off for the low cost of Plan N.

Who Should Consider Humana’s Medigap Plan N

This plan is attractive and can be of great benefit to:

  • People who don’t go to the doctor’s office very often
  • People who want to change their Plan G or F
  • People who have no critical medical conditions.
  • People who are operating on stringent budgets.
  • People who are new to Medicare Supplement.

Why Choose Humana?

When you enroll for Medicare Supplement Plan N with Humana, you get some extra benefits. This is in addition to the standardized Plan N benefits. They include:

  • Up to 5% household discount
  • Access to Healthy Living versions of your plan
  • Discounts when you use online payment
  • Access to Humana advice nurse phone line
  • Access to Silver Sneakers gym membership
  • Access to MyDine food delivery services 
  • You can use the MyHumana app to make appointments and to keep track of your benefits
  • 24/7 Nurse line
  • Stable rates.
  • Guaranteed renewable.
  • Good customer service

How To Enroll For Plan N

You become eligible to enrol at retirement, upon reaching age 65, Or when you sign up for Medicare Part B. An open enrolment period of the six months of your 65th birthday is available. You will be registered regardless of pre-existing conditions.

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